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France thinks BIG - with ProKASRO

In 2021, the world's first DN2000 UV liner was installed in Italy and now another liner of this size has followed in France. In the second week of November 2022, our KASRO POWER UV system with a total output of 36,000W was again able to install a DN2000 liner in Limoges, France.

20-years-ProKASRO UV-Special

Once again it is "first come first serve" at ProKASRO. After our 20-year electrical special was so well received by our customers, the ProKASRO 20-year UV special is now following. The Kanalexperten Reitz GmbH has already done the same at the end of October 2021 and has secured the first of 10 anniversary systems. Many thanks at this point for the renewed trust and the always pleasant cooperation!

World premiere - DN2000 UV jobsite in Italy!

Teamwork makes the dream work!

DN 2000 UV curing in Italy - a milestone in sewer rehabilitation

“Coming together is the beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success (Henry Ford) – ProKASRO and iMPREG took this saying of the automobile pioneer to heart in mid-March 2021 in Reggio Emilia, Italy, and in turn together became pioneers in the sewer rehabilitation industry.

IKARUS and new one-component UV resin on tour in Turin

The rehabilitation of small pipe diameters is often associated with difficult-to-reach accesses. This was also the case in the beginning of October 2020 for our customer Blueco in Turin. The entrance was on the roof of an eight-story residential complex. For weeks, ailing downpipes led to serious water damage with damp walls and ceilings in the adjacent residential units. Since first attempts at repair with alternative rehabilitation methods failed, the IKARUS UV house connection system was used to repair the damage as quickly as possible.

Shaft rehabilitation made easy

At the beginning of September our operators were on the road together with Brandenburger and the KASRO UV shaft rehabilitation system in Brno / Czech Republic. The municipality and surrounding sewer rehabilitation companies took part in the demonstration of the new UV technology.

Social commitment throughout the year

ProKASRO is socially committed. For years we have refrained from sending Christmas gifts or cards to our customers. Instead, we invest the money more sensibly and donate all year round to the international aid organizations "Humedica" ( and the "Patengemeinschaft für Hungernde Kinder e.V." (

Newsletter 02/ 2020 - EN

*** ProKASRO is a pioneer with Stage V generators ***

From 2020, the particle emissions from tractors, combine harvesters and construction machinery will have to be reduced further and the emissions standards will have to be stricter. This is provided by the new EU Stage V exhaust gas regulation, which the European Parliament passed by a large majority at the beginning of July 2016. Accordingly, from 2020 at the latest, all engines that are brought onto the market must comply with the Stage V limit values. According to the emissions legislation for mobile machines (Stage V), the engines with the emission standard IIIA have a transition period until early 2021.


Corona crisis and how ProKASRO deals with it


Due to the ongoing Corona crisis caused by the developing COVID-19 virus, ProKASRO has taken a range of measures to protect the health and safety of our customers, suppliers and employees. We are obligated by law to take all necessary measures to help prevent the spread of the virus and we take this obligation seriously.

Elements no match for KASRO UV Equipment

Elements no match for KASRO UV Equipment

Battling the harsh elements on an already tricky project requires top of the line equipment to say the least. When such a situation recently arose in Australia, ProKASRO proved itself as a viable solution, yet again delivering high quality rehabilitation equipment when it was most needed.