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Lateral Intake Rehabilitation

Lateral Intake Rehabilitation

The KASRO lateral intake rehabilitation systems were especially developed for la­teral intake rehabilitation of different sizes. They will be positioned with the help of the self-propelled unit, a rotational module and a ca­mera.

KASRO injection sealing system DN200-600

Article no.: 1023100

KASRO cap placement system DN150-600

Article no.: 1023120/1023122/1023121

KASRO spatula robot DN 250 - 600

Article no.: 5010050/ 5010050-B

KASRO spatula robot DN 200 - 250

Article no.: 5010060/ 5010060-B

KASRO shield injection system DN 200-600

Article no.: 5010055

KASRO rotational module DN200-DN600

Article no.: 1025110

KASRO rotational module DN150-400

Article no.: ArtikelNr.: 1025111

KASRO balloon placement attachment

Article no.: 1022100

KASRO priming attachment

Article no.: 1023200