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  • 100% Made in Germany

    100% Made in Germany

  • UV light curing for Your Inliners

    UV light curing for Your Inliners

    UV light curing for your inliners
  • We train our people

    We train our people

Social commitment

ProKASRO is a socially aware and committed company. For a number of years we have dispensed with Christmas gifts or cards for our customers and instead we support families with real needs. Year-round we collect donations for the international aid organization „humedica“( The money goes to their family sponsorship programme.

With our contribution we support the family to structure and rebuild their lives. The children get access to education and the adults are to be helped setting up small businesses. When there is a lack of food, medicine and sanitary products, humedica steps in and provides the families with all the essentials.

Furthermore we support the Rajen Danuwar family in Bhimtar/ Nepal. In April 2015 an earthquake measuring 7.8 on the Richter scale hit Nepal and caused immense damage in the country. Sindhupalchok was the most affected district. Scores of Nepalese people lost their lives, homes were destroyed and school buildings were damaged. The water sources were either contaminated or dried up. The house of the Danuwar family was destroyed during the disaster. With our donations, we have helped the family to get back on their own feet. The sponsorship of Humedica is a help for self-help in the difficult phase after a catastrophe. The vast majority of families have been able to improve their economic situation in the last 3 years that their livelihoods are guaranteed. In some cases, their situation is even better than before the disaster.

 Familienpatenschaft Nepal

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