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  • 100% Made in Germany
    100% Made in Germany
  • UV light curing for Your Inliners
    UV light curing for Your Inliners
  • We train our people
    We train our people

Social commitment

ProKASRO is a socially aware and committed company. For a number of years we have dispensed with Christmas gifts or cards for our customers and instead we support families with real needs. Year-round we collect donations for the international aid organization „humedica“( The money goes to their family sponsorship programme.

Our donation supports families in Ethiopia, Sri Lanka, India, Brazil and Kosovo with food, school materials and hygiene kits. We also educate families about hygienic behavior. In countries like Sri Lanka, educational institutions were closed from March to June 2020. As in Germany, COVID-19 prevented regular school and kindergarten attendance.

For the parents, the lockdown caused by the virus not only means looking after the children at home, but also financial losses, e.g. through unemployment. Our donation is used to distribute food parcels and learning materials to the families and to explain hygiene rules.

Our donation is also used to provide families with livestock when there are frequent famines and droughts in the Somali region. Families can raise their incomes by raising cattle. Selling meat and milk allows them to buy other basic things like grain or clothes.

We are always happy to see that our donation arrives where it is needed most. The happy faces of the families in the particularly poor regions of the world confirm again and again how useful it is to give away real benefit and hope instead of ephemeral Christmas cards.

If you are also looking for an organization that you want to support, please get in touch with our contact person, Ms. Miriam Barta from Humedica:

Telefon +49 (0)8341 966148-61
E-Mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

2018 Weihnachten Geschenke2018 Weihnachten Geschenke

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