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Shaft rehabilitation made easy

Published December 2020

At the beginning of September our operators were on the road together with Brandenburger and the KASRO UV shaft rehabilitation system in Brno / Czech Republic. The municipality and surrounding sewer rehabilitation companies took part in the demonstration of the new UV technology.

Three manhole20200909 131448s, each with a diameter of DN1000 and lengths of one to three meters, were rehabilitated with brand new products from technology and liner manufacturers in Brno and Budweis. The combination of the Brandenburger Liner "BBS.8 UV", specially designed for manhole rehabilitation, together with the new KASRO UV manhole rehabilitation system le20200908 110429d to a smooth and fast curing with perfect results. ProKASRO has already responded to the increasing demand in the field of shaft renovation in 2019 and designed the 4 x 1000W UV light source core with camera and 2 temperature sensors. A separate control unit in a 

small flightcase with logging, temperature and pressure measurement as well as a single packer DN500 with straps for the crane suspension for easy insertion into the shaft are included in the mobile UV system. With this system, manholes can be restored to an excellent condition. If there are heavily damaged manholes with fractures, cracks and other types of damage, rehabilitation using UV technology is the more cost-effective and environmentally friendly alternative to excavation and complete manhole renewal. With a pulling speed of 25 cm per minute, the actual renovation process including lowering the core, igniting and pulling it up again with curing was completed after ten minutes. The entire process from arriving at the construction site, preparing the shaft, installing the liner, calibrating the liner, lowering the UV core in the manhole and curing was completed in just two hours.

The customers and municipali20200908 151318ties on site were more than satisfied with the procedure and the rehabilitation results and showed great interest. Further demo sites are planned in Poland in 2021 under the direction of our sales representative, Mr. Georgi Barzanov, who is responsible for the Eastern European region.

If you are interested in the KASRO shaft rehabilitation system and wo20200909 131655uld like a demonstration site in your community or with your customers and contractors, please do not hesitate to contact us.