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  • 100% Made in Germany
    100% Made in Germany
  • UV light curing for Your Inliners
    UV light curing for Your Inliners
  • We train our people
    We train our people

The company history of ProKASRO GmbH

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ProKASRO Mechatronik GmbH, whose name stands for progressive sewer rehabilitation robotics, was founded in August 2000 through a management buy-out. Already in the year 1989 the first sewer robot was developed by the engineering office D.T.I. GmbH.

Production and sales were taken over by ProKASRO in 2000. At that time only 30 employees worked for ProKASRO. Meanwhile Uwe Reinhardt and Yvan Haberkorn are the employers for round about 140 employees. This growth was fostered by a new building completed in 2006. The area of 10.000 sqm provides a production area of 3000 sqm.

The vision of being a full-range supplier for sewer rehabilitation with specifically developed and manufactured products turns into reality. We offer working robots, systems for lateral intake rehabilitation, a wide spectrum of UV-Technology, TV inspection systems and mobile systems. In addition, entire vehicles are being furnished for sewer rehabilitation purposes. We are a medium-sized company with a consistent healthy growth. We serve customers in Germany, Europe and increasingly all over the world in Asia and America.