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Working Robots

Working Robots

The KASRO Working Robots are developed for rehabilitation work inside sewer pipes. Damage diagnoses and underground repair can be carried out for different pipe diame­ters from DN 100 up to DN 1200 or even different profiles. Excavation work, unne­cessary traffic obstructions and noise are avoided.

Various tool attachments permit the se­wer robots to perform milling, grinding, filling, moulding and injection operations.Mainly obstacles such as misplaced pipe connectors, roots, encrustation and depo­sits, as well as opening connections after short pipe or inliner installation.

The single components are controlled by a suitable supply cable, depending on the model. The robots are driven in different ways - pneumatic, electric, hydraulic. The video signal of the camera is transmitted from the robot to the monitor in the work­station. Through that all action done by the robot can be observed and controlled on the monitor.

Some of the robots are driven by a multi-functional self-propelled unit.

Working Robots electricWorking Robots pneumaticWorking Robots hydraulic

Working Robots electric (8)

KASRO working robot 1.7 DN130-400

Article no.: 3010018-E

KASRO working robot 4.0 DN200-600

Article no.: 1020011-E

KASRO working robot 3.5 DN200-600

Article no.: 1020012-E

KASRO self propelled unit DN200-DN600

Article no.: 1025100

KASRO control unit Electro

Article no.: 1024350/1030002

KASRO cable drum with 120m electric twin cable

Article no.: 3010215-E / 3010213-E

KASRO-Cable-Control-Unit CCU

Article no.: 3010135 / 3010134

Electro Converter-Kit

Article no.: 103000

Working Robots pneumatic (10)

KASRO working robot 1.7 DN130-400

Article no.: 3010018

KASRO working robot 4.0 DN250-600

Article no.: 1020011

KASRO working robot 3.6 DN200-600

Article no.: 1020002

KASRO self propelled unit DN200-DN600

Article no.: 1025100

KASRO-Cable-Control-Unit CCU

Article no.: 3010130

KASRO control unit

Article no.: 1024350

KASRO mobile cable drum with 120m twin cable

Article no.: 3010211

KASRO combination cable drum with 100m or 140m combination cable

Article no.: 6021110/6021111

KASRO mini swivel-head colour camera - Halogen

Article no.: 1024300

KASRO mini swivel-head colour camera - LED

Article no.: 1024303

Working Robots hydraulic (6)

KASRO Hydraulic milling robot GOLIATH DN 250-600

Article no.: 5010000

KASRO Hydraulic milling robot Gretchen DN 150 - 250

Article no.: 5010010

KASRO swivel-head colour camera with wiper

Article no.: 5014300

KASRO base control unit

Article no.: 1024370

KASRO hydraulic cable drum

Article no.: 6031110

KASRO spatula cable drum

Article no.: 6031111