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  • 100% Made in Germany

    100% Made in Germany

  • UV light curing for Your Inliners

    UV light curing for Your Inliners

    UV-Lichtaushärtung für Ihre Inliner
  • We train our people

    We train our people

ProKASRO Working Robots

The KASRO Working Robots are developed for rehabilitation work inside sewer pipes. Damage diagnoses and repairs underground can be carried out for different pipe diameters from DN100 up to DN1000 or even different profiles. Excavation work, traffic obstructions and noise are avoided.

ProKASRO - UV Technology

The use of specially designed UV lamps and their shadow free positioning on the UV light core facilitates trouble free liner installations in the sewer.

ProKASRO - Rehabilitation Vehicles

NEW: hydraulic working robots in a 3.5t vehicle!
Can be driven by a normal driver´s license
Rehabilitation can be operated within the smallest streets


  • * Leakage monitoring for KASRO E-milling robot *

    1020003 E Arbeitsroboter 4.0 Elektro

    Permanent internal pressure of 0.5 bar prevents the ingress of water and therefore damage to the device. Internal pressure is constantly monitored, so as soon as the internal pressure drops, a warning is issued. To ensure that no condensate arises, an air dryer is used that extracts moisture from the air. This effectively counteracts the wear of gaskets, rust or damp electrical connections.

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