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KASRO UV light core DN 550-1200

Article no.: 4020070/ 4020074
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Product Description
  • 2 x 4 x 1000 W (Article number: 4020070)
  • 3 x 4 x 1000 W (Article number: 4020074)
  • centralisation of the light core within the sewer is achieved by electric motors altering the expansion which is observed by a camera within the packer
  • the centralisation process is monitored by the operator via the UV and heat resistant pluggable camera located within the UV light core
  • automatic shutdown prevents over expansion of the UV light core once the preset diameter is reached
  • to reduce curing times, three UV light cores can be connected together by using of specially designed wheelsets
  • expansion of the lamp performance to 12.000 W is possible
  • for oval profiles
    - DN 500 / DN 750
    - DN 600 / DN 900
    - DN 800 / DN 1200
  • the two bottom feet are changed by longer feet
  • therefore sufficient UV light is emitted to the bottom part of the liner
Technical Data
  • DimensionsRetracted diameter 360mm, Length 970mm
    Weight25kg each core
    Power4 UV lamps, 1000 W each, pluggable in ceramic frame