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UV packer set DN 600-800

Article no.: 4020056
Product Description
  • with the help of UV packers the inliners are integrated and inflated
  • packers are seperately available in 2 x 2 different sizes for DN 600 - 800
  • appropriate air couplings to connect a compactor or compressor hose are on the packers
  • the divided Venturi nozzle is in the removable cap of the packer, throuch which the curing cable is pulled during the rehabilitation
  • packers are separable to make the installation in the manhole easier


  • packer camera
Technical Data
  • Dimensions for DN600515mm outer diameter, length without connections 360mm
    Weight22,5kg / peace
    Dimensions for DN800 (divided packer)640mm outer diameter, length without connections 316mm
    Weight36kg / peace
    Air connectionsB75, 3/4''-jaw clutch, NW7,2 for pressure control