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KASRO UV light source chain system "Icarus" on a construction site in Prague

The rehabilitation of house connections is always a big challenge for sewer rehabilitation companies. In many cases jobsite access is situated in hard to reach areas, such as cellars, backyards, etc. ProKASRO Mechatronik GmbH and their sales partner Ibos EU a.s. from Czech Republic faced such site on 20 December 2017 in Prague.

The task was a sewer rehabilitation in DN 200 with a length of 15 meters in the University of Chemistry and Technology Prague. The pipe was severely damaged from the jet cleaner’s nozzle, because of an inappropriate use of cleaning pressure. The damage of the pipe occurred to the second 90 degrees curve. Renovation was not possible, because the pipe was situated deep in the basement of the university. Together with a Brawo 3D Liner DN 150 – 200, the KASRO UV system "Icarus", succeeded in this project. This newly developed bend capable light chain was perfectly designed for the two 90° bends of the pipe.University of Chemistry and Technology Prag kleinUniversity of Chemistry and Technology Prague

Inspektion durch Schiebekamera REVI 260 kleinInspection with push camera REVI 260

The pipe was cleaned and then inspected by the IBOS push camera REVI 260 with ReBoss control unit.

The liner was impregnated directly before the installation inside the rehabilitation vehicle. Then it was winded up and brought to the construction site.

Liner wird mit UV Harz getränktImpregnation of the liner with UV resin

The working pressure during inversion was 0,15 – 0,2 bar. Thereafter the liner was inflated with a pressure of 0,45 bar and the polymerization started.

Finally the liner was cured using the KASRO UV light source chain “Icarus”. With the UV camera attached to the light chain the operators could track the curing progress on the screen of the control box. The entire process was monitored using the built-in Ikarus’ s camera. The curing speed was 30cm/min.

The entire operation, including jet cleaning, inspection, preparation of the site, curing of liner, opening the sockets and departure took around 4 hours and was awarded with customer’s satisfaction. This project represents an important milestone on the way of our intensive development work towards the series-production readiness of the new KASRO house connection technology. Final modifications to the design and product handling are key issues, to perfect the product to an ideal application of any kind of construction sites.

Aushärtung des Materials kleinCuring of the material

 KASRO Steuerkoffer IkarusKASRO Ikarus control boxEndergebnis des ausgehärteten Liners kleinResult of the cured liner

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