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News 01/ 2019

RO-KA-TECH 2019 – ProKASRO presents time-tested and new technologies

At this year's international trade fair for pipe and sewer technology "RO-KA-TECH", ProKASRO Mechatronik GmbH will again be represented with an indoor stand measuring around 130m² in hall 3 stand A06. The team is already looking forward to presenting the latest innovations from ProKASRO to both their existing and potential new customers.

*** KASRO electric milling system including KASRO spatula technology ***

This year ProKASRO shows all interested fair visitors and already existing customers a 15t rehabilitation vehicle with electric milling system including spatula technology in a completely new design. An almost level entrance to the vehicle via the rear door with stairs integrated in the vehicle enables the operator to work more comfortably on the construction site. This innovative system is fully electrically powered by special battery packs and solar panels. The included generator only serves to charge the built-in batteries. Thus, the system is a completely self-sufficient electrically operating system equipped with the following highlights:

  • DC generator 10kVA/28V/300A with automatic start-up
  • 2kW solar system
  • 1650Ah system batteries 24VDC/approx. 40kWh
  • 2 power cubes for charging the battery bank with 150A each
  • during generator operation, the power is fed into the system; the remaining energy charges the battery bank
  • external supply 90-265VAC 50/60Hz
  • AC power cube 7kVA

The electric milling robots 1.7 and 4.0 contained in the vehicle and the two filling robots in different working areas can also be inspected on this system.



*** KASRO shaft rehabilitation system***

Another product highlight at the RO-KA-TECH is the KASRO shaft rehabilitation system. A 4 x 1000W UV light source core with camera and 2 temperature sensors, a separate control case with logging, temperature and pressure measurement as well as a single packer DN500 with crane suspension brackets for easy insertion into the manhole were specially designed for this system. With this system, manholes can be restored to prime condition. In the case of heavily damaged manholes with fractures, cracks and other types of damage, the rehabilitation of sewer manholes is the more cost-effective and environmentally sound alternative to excavation and complete manhole renewal.


*** New features for the KASRO UV lamps ***

The angle of inclination of the UV bulbs can now be adjusted in three stages to bring the lamps closer to the laminate and thus make curing more efficient. In addition, the 1000 W bulbs achieve an approx. 30% higher energy yield through a reflector, which guarantees a higher quality screening of the hose liner and a larger light cone.

4020084 Lampenstellung 2 UV Kern DN1000 15004020084 Lampenstellung 2 UV Kern DN1000 15004020084 Lampenstellung 2 UV Kern DN1000 1500

*** KASRO used systems online!***

Once again, some used and reasonably priced systems that are looking for new purchasers are listed on the ProKASRO website. These range from electrical and hydraulic systems with spatula function to large UV systems. At, interested parties will find all the important information on current used vehicles equipped with the time-tested KASRO technology.

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