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ProKASRO IFAT News 02/2014

Publié juillet 2017

Visitez-nous à la foire IFAT 2014 à Munich du 5 au 9 Mai.

Des offres et nouveautés captivantes vous attendent dans nôtres stands à l'intérieur et à l'extérieur.

Electric driven KASRO working robot is on the advance

Publié janvier 2016
Trenchless International April 2014

The very first electric powered vehicle was introduced to the streets of Paris in the year 1881. The Frenchman Gustave Trouvé developed the first electric powered vehicle and could drive at 12 km/h and had a range of 14 to 26 km. Five years later the electric powered technology was displaced by the invention of the internal combustion engine / v-engine by the German engineer Carl Benz.

Relining gas pipelines with ease

Publié janvier 2016
Trenchless International January 2014

The rehabilitation of 56-year-old main gas pipeline with many welding beads has recently been successfully completed, thanks to careful planning and a healthy dose of teamwork.

Technology that works for You

Publié janvier 2016

Trenchless International October 2013

Efficient sewer systems are an essential part of the urban inf­rastructure. Therefore having a continuous programme of sewer reha­bilitation is of correspondingly high importance. The name of ProKASRO stands for progressive sewer rehabilitation robotic systems signifying tailored solutions for exactly these jobs.