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KASRO manhole rehabilitation unit

Article no.: 4020370-72/ 4020073
Product Description

Consisting of:

  • UV control box incl. recording, temperature measurement and pressure measurement (4020370)
  • UV light source core 4 x 1000W incl. camera, two temperature sensors and 4 x 1000W light bulbs (4020371)
  • Single packer DN 500 with lugs for crane suspension and two Venturi nozzles (4020372)
  • Cable traction unit for KASRO manhole rehabilitation unit (4020073)
  • 25 m curing cable
Technical Data
  • Dimensions control boxWidth 740 mm, Height 590 mm, Depth 590 mm
    Weight control box62 kg
    Voltage400 V / 50 Hz /16A
    Voltage light source4 x 1000 W
    Diameter light source362 mm
    Length light source456 mm
    Weight light source7,5 kg
    Outside Diameter440 mm
    Length without connections316 mm
    Weight Packer20 kg