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  • 100% Made in Germany
    100% Made in Germany
  • UV light curing for Your Inliners
    UV light curing for Your Inliners
  • We train our people
    We train our people

About Us

Efficient sewer systems are an essential part of the urban infrastructure. Therefore having a continuous programme of sewer rehabilitation is of correspondingly high importance. The name of ProKASRO stands for progressive sewer rehabilitation robotic systems signifying tailored solutions for exactly these jobs. The ProKASRO rehabilitation equipment helps to restore sewers into perfect conditions. This is significantly easier and cheaper than replacing sewer pipes using traditional methods. By using ProKASRO sewer rehabilitation equipment, the entire underground sewer system is safeguarded whilst maintaining ecological, hygienic and technical standards.
Robots, Systems for Lateral Intake Rehabilitation and UV-Technology; ProKASRO is a fullrange manufacturer and supplier for sewer rehabilitation. We provide damage diagnoses and repairs to be carried out without excavation work, traffic obstructions or noise. Working within short rehabilitation timeframes ensures that it is not usually required to block off the sewer during rehabilitation work.
KASRO robot systems and systems for Lateral Intake Rehabilitation are available for different pipe diameters from DN 100 to DN 1200 and can be combined together as required. This means that operating the favoured rehabilitation system is possible. Various tool attachments permit the sewer robots to perform milling, grinding, filling, moulding and injection operations. They can also be used for positioning balloons and installation of top hat profiles and liners for lateral connections. All rehabilitation work is managed and monitored from a rehabilitation vehicle which is individually designed and constructed to the customers own preferences. On an optional basis transportable mobile control units are also available if preferred or required.
ProKASRO is also the market leader within the field of UV curing Technology from DN100 to DN2000 - whether mobile or within a rehabilitation vehicle.
Manufacturing all products is performed 100% in-house: from the working robots to the UV-Technology, from the individual product idea to an advanced production. New products for the sewer rehabilitation are developed in-house; existing units are continuously developed and comprehensively tested. Products are then manufactured and assembled component by component in our company-owned factory. Efficient channels of communication and integrated work processes guarantee the highest level of reliability of our products. 100% Made in Germany is an essential statement for ProKASRO.


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