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KASRO 2-component injection sealing system DN250-DN600

Article no.: 1023144
Product Description

With the KASRO 2-component injection sealing system, leaking branch pipe joints, as well as cracks, leaky col- lars and shards can be injected. The injection sealing system consists of a unit for the branch pipe joint sealing and one for the crack and collar injection. The systems are positioned using the KASRO selfpropelled unit in connection with the KASRO rotation unit.

  • two material tanks, each with 200l material
    • filling/extraction: by an electronically controlled 2K pump
    • supply in the sewer: 80m long 2K hose
    • mix: shortly before the material is injected into the leak
    • PU material begins to react within 2minutes
  • material tanks and hose drum are integrated into an air-conditioning box 
    even with varied outside temperatures a constant material temperature will be provided
  • the electronic system shows the user all data such as pressure and flow amount visually and acoustically
  • how much material was used at which leak can be therefore controlled exactly; if a dysfunction or a mixing error occurs, the system will be stopped automatically
  • three cameras in total:
    • one in front and one behind the system
    • one camera in the balloon pot, which shows the user how far the material in the branch pipe is pressed in the operator can control exactly and avoids pressing behind the balloon
    • for the crack, shard and collar injection there is one camera each in front and behind the system and a third one in the packer
    • change between the cameras is possible
  • the balloon size is adjusted to the pipe branch diameter 
    three available balloon sizes at the moment: (80, 120 and 160mm diameter) for the branch pipe joints from DN100 to DN200 
    after the injection the branch pipe is not constricted
Technical Data
  • 2K-Pump
    80m 2K hose on hose drum with material rotary feedthrough
    Placement unit with shield balloons for DN250–350 for balloons 80 and 120mm
    Placement unit with shield balloons for DN400-600 for balloons 80, 120 et 160mm
    Packer sets DN200-600 (1m) for crack, shard and collar injection
    Special sizes for packer sets for crack, shard and collar injection are possible!


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